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Casino Lyrics - Ghost Surfer - Cascadeur

fall from paradise 

we survive and hide 


far from city lights 

we live in the dark 



full of hope 

full of dreams 

left the homestead 

lovely dear 

when i'm back 

i'll be rich 

made of gold, you'll see 




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another ace 

another card 

leave them standing 

all those scars 

you'll be mine 

and you'll fall for me, i deal 


no full house 

no straight flush 

down the drain now 

gloomy haze 

lucky hand 

begins to fade 

all to dust, i fold 




under my tent 

makeshift stove 

shopping cart and 

old flashlight 

on a trip 

in a trap 


know your junk 

is my gold, i fold 

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