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Labels Lyrics - Here My Love - Case

Shorty's in a drop top making all the jaws drop 

Watching how she's switching lanes 

Sexy little crop top, True Religion jeans got 

Me running the license plate 

She all up in the Prada, Dolce & Gabbana 

Shorty looking fresh for days 

But she ain't no primadonna, she wear what she wanna 

You might even find on that frame... 



(Old Navy) and she make it look good 

(That shorty) she pull off any look 

No matter if she dress up or dress down 

She looking like a 10 some way some how 

(She thrifty) even though she's so paid 

(And when she) stunt, she don't masquerade 

No matter if she dress up or dress down 

She wild, she wild cause... 




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She ain't gotta rock them labels 

To be looking like she does 

She ain't gotta rock that Louis 

She can work it out in scrubs, yeah 

She ain't gotta rock that Gucci 

Dolce & Gabbana 

She ain't gotta rock Armani, that shorty 

She ain't gotta rock them labels, labels, labels 

She ain't gotta rock them labels, labels, labels 

To rock with me 


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Shorty in the hot spot 

She got every club locked 

All up in the V.I.P. 

And she make the show stop 

When she on the big yacht 

Sipping on the bubbly 

She got the camera splashing 

While she's steady smashin' 

Rolling in the club 6 deep 

Love the way she walking 

Sexy when she talking 

I just need her to be with me 





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