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Not Your Friend Lyrics - Open Letter - Case

Not Your Friend by Case 

Your girlfriend wants to get with me 

I can tell how she looks at me 

And how she licks her tongue at me 

Then ask for a ride home from me 

She likes what I do to you 

Tell you all the things that you never knew 

Like the sky and her Ferrari's blue 

Spending time in Honolulu 



I told you once before 

About that girl 

She's so mysterious 

So watch that girl 

And keep that girl 

Away from me 

Cause she's jocking me 

(she's jockin' me) 




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Your girl (wanting me) 

I see her (watching me) 

She's licking (her lips at me) 

She's not your friend 

The girl (so shady) 

I see her (watching me) 

She's licking (her lips at me) 

She's not your friend 

That girl 


Your friend wants to get wit' me 

She's hawking me down like you wouldn't believe 

Leaving her panties 

At my doorstep too 

Writing me letter, dissin' you 

She's a freak like I told you so 

Said she wanna go toe to toe 

With me and your other girl Coko 

Just sit back babe, watch her go 


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Chorus (x2) 


Chorus to fade 


I told you once before 

She's not your friend 

That girl 



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