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Timeless Lyrics - Heaven's Door - Case

Looking at the tears build 

In the welts of your eyes 

See, you don't wanna deal with stranger anymore 

I know I fuck up sometimes, but 



Do I need to remind you 

That our love is timeless 

And, took forever to find your love 

Girl, I'll love is timeless 




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And you don't even wanna try anymore 

They say the one that loves you the most 

Might break your heart 

I never thought things would fall apart 

No not this way, no not this way 




Do I need to remind you 

Thought I felt lost with you 

Come, let me talk about it 

A better me would leave if you just walked away 

So, I'm begging you to stay 

(I need you girl, I need to remind you) 




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Need to remind you 

I'll remind you everyday 

For the rest of our lives 

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