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This Purple Heart Lyrics - Singles - Crystal Bernard

If I had a million hearts 

I'd save the best for you 

But all I have is this one sad heart 


That was not quite torn in two 

It's not exactly damaged goods 

It's not exactly new but this purple heart is true 


Well, I have been the one to leave 

And I have been left too but still I wear it on my sleeve 

Can't hide what we've been through 


'Cause we have been in love and war 

We've got the scars to prove 

This purple heart is true 


I will love you honestly 

Tell me what else could I do 

'Cause this purple heart is true 


You may find a heart of gold 

Beneath this black and blue 

'Cause this purple heart, this purple heart is true, ohh 

Writer: ,

Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Mike Curb Music, Sony

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