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Evolution Lyrics - Dawn Of A New Day - Crystal Shawanda

I spent five years in faded cut off blue jeans 

Had dreams of living like a gypsy 

Made a few friends 

Fell head over for a delinquent, yeah 


I guess a lot of things go down and up in smoke 

I stayed up town, been dead broke 

Made a living, paid my dues and rent 

And started again 


When it's all said and done, I want to say 

I had a good ride, some good times and love someone 

I might seem like I'm running but I'm solid as a rock 

Inside define evolution 


Wild child, I was seventeen 

Born again when I heard Patsy sing 

Just a little piece of a good thing 

My evolution, my evolution 


Heart broken by a green eyed jerk 

Temporary glitch but it still works 

Just another day in the life of 

My evolution, my evolution 

Goes on and on and on 


I never could hold down your average nine to five 

Wouldn't pour the decaf, couldn't stand the politics 

I'd do it all again money don't make me who I am 

Who I am 


I wasn't blessed with much self discipline 

Get out of line and I tend to step in 

I'm no high maintenance 

I'd give you the shirt off my back 

I'd never hold back 


When it's all said and done 

I wanna say it was a good 

Go a good try, I loved someone 

Never found any gold at the end of any rainbow 

But searching was so much fun 


Wild child, I was twenty three born again 

When I heard Aretha sing 

Just a little piece of a good thing 

My evolution, my evolution 


Heart stolen by a blue eyed punk 

Respect is still 

One of my favorite songs 

Just another day in the life of my evolution. 


We all get stuck, tough love, baby 

Gotta keep on moving 

Keep on moving 

Don't criticize analyze my my 

My evolution, yeah, yeah 


Wild child, guess I'll always be 

Now I'm thankful for the folks 

Who wanna hear me sing 

Just hanging onto a good thing 

My evolution my evolution 


My heart's ready for another run 

Somewhere out there is the right one 

Just another day in the 

Life of my evolution 

My evolution 


Goes on and on and on 

Yeah, my evolution 

Goes on and on and on 


Oh, my evolution 


Yeah, yeah 

Yeah, my evolution 


My evolution, yeah, yeah 

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Copyright: Chappell Music, Inc., Peermusic Publishing, Warner

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