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Ghosts Lyrics - Singles - Crywolf

Wait, turn around, don't walk through that door 

There are verses left you don't know 

Oh my hands are painted red 


Wait, there's a locket here in my palm 

It is broken like the song 

I first sang the night you lied 


Stay the night and we'll meet our ghosts 

They'll be drifting up through the floor 

Stepping softly 'round the bed 


Take my life right here in the sheets 

The wall between you and me 

Will melt away, but will it go? 

Will it go? 


And your heart was held in your hips 

When you gave to him with your lips 

All the poems that we wrote 




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And I told you that I was whole 

But my heart turned off with your phone 

And no tears will save you now 

Where are you now? 

Where are you now? 

Where are you now? 



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