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Anti-social Lyrics - Singles - Cuff The Duke

Anti-social friends of mine hang themselves with fishing line 

They wait for time...waiting alone isn't bad I find 

And coming from a broken home doesn't help their overtone 

Knock down each day...all there dreams will fade away 

I live my life like a story line and what you've said you've said before 

Each day's a bore...each day we wait for so much more 

I dream a dream that's failed before I live this life cause there's nothing more 

So close your eyes...and dream of the days when we were alive 

Trapped inside this hole of mine no guidance from the great divine 

He helps simple men...but simple men don't know they can! 

Now in a daze the light has arrived I'm feeling the pain that you have derived 

It's a boring song...but it will decide whether I go on! 

What can I say that hasn't been said? 

What can I say that hasn't been said?