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Relax Lyrics - Schöne Neue Welt - Culcha Candela

English part only, correct di mistake or fill di gap 


Check it out 

Ah I movin smoothly to di beach ow 

Im groovin like there's no tomorrow yeahyeah 

Im callin up o everybody ah 

To put that feet up and do nothing 

: D 




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Inhale, Exhale 

Love di world like yuh love a sweet girl 

Tek a breath enjoy di easy life dat is free like di birds in di trees 

Tek a likkle trip n go imagination 

Fly inna yuh mind into di Caribean 

Lay down unda di coconut tree 

All dis sunshine feeling is ya fresh energy 

Just do what u like to, Tek ya time and let Jahmind just floow 

Ur eyes r gonna shine like gourge yuh come smile when u find what is inside in ya soul 



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