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Genres: Hip-Hop

Cool Fuck Lyrics - Cupcakke

We got the freedom 

Let's have a threesome 

Don't get torn into porn 

'Cause you know you don't need em 

Take your time, ain't no rushin' (no rushin') 

On the dick playing 21 questions 

Like how do I feel on your dick? 

How do I feel when I lick? 

I'll own that cock 

Dude I'll get it on rock 

Yea you sit your ass down 

And let me finish on top 

It's not a sin, it's a blessin' 

You taught my my lesson 

You ate all of my pussy and then you asked me for seconds 

Wanna learn some shit just take classes 

So cool with the shit I suck dick with sunglasses 

Oh boy (ohh) 

Why play with dildos when you got a boy toy 

You ain't got a life Craig, I know you feelin' this 

'Cause you got my legs twisted like some licorice 




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