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Dae Dae

Genres: Hip-Hop

Wat U Mean (aye, Aye, Aye) Lyrics - Dae Dae

Racks in me like a Pinata 

Fuck u blue balenciagas 

Robin Jeans with the foam posits 

Hit the club now my black Barbers 

Bloods with me Woo Woo Woo 

No set trippin 

They kno im crippin' fool 

Jesus Pieces 10k gold 

Ima fuckn fool you better act cool 

German Sheperds in my backyard 

Train to kill I was born to deal 

I was on the hill R.I.P to 

One of the rest in Peace Clifford Deal 

My daddy backed out u done fucked up 

Hit the Magic City pack it out 

U hatin on me I dont give a fuck ima street nigga 

U can walk it out 

Im in pitsburgh with alot of hoes 

Yung nigga with a BankRoll 

Scrape the pot I was in the hood 

Mama stayed on GlenWood 

17 with a 38 

Dont fuck around and make me 38 

24 hours I was trynna get it 

I was waitin on First 48 

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay repeat 

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Repeat 

Got a family to feed gotta family to feed 

They depending on me they depending on me 

If u dont believe in me 

Im like Fuck ya im like Fuck ya! 

Thought u believed in me 

I thought u had them racks but u got evicted 

Heard u had it on u penny pinching 

Til i pulled up get it to get it get it 

Racks on me like a muhhfucka 

I was just broke like a muhhfucka 

Racks on me like WOWWW! 

Fuck niggas like HOWWW? 

How he do that? 

Jumped off the porch 

I was on the go 

Mama couldn't tell me shit 

I was trappin in the fo 

Could u take the pain awayyy 

I gotta make a wayy a wayy 

For my family 

Ay, Ay, Hey, Ay repeat 

Gotta family to feed gotta family to feed 

They depending on me they depending on me 

If u dont believe in me 

Im like fuck ya im like fuck ya! 





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