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Dark At Dawn

Genres: Metal

Legends Lyrics - Dark At Dawn

Please tell me if they are true 

The tales and the legends we're told 

Happened in ancient times 

We don't know where they belong 

Tales of creatures unknown 

Of things we don't see are they lies? 


Before the dawn of time - when legends all were born 

Before the dawn of time - awaiting the first breath 

Before the dawn of time - is there anything we've lost 

Before the dawn of time - are we allowed to judge the past 


While we're searching for proves 

All mankind will come to an end 

Can't we learn from our mind 

When fantasy takes command 

Do we have to decide 

What's good and what's insanity? 


Can we tell for sure 

That nothing exists we don't see 

Do we know all the powers 

That are between heaven and earth 

We've now found the one true explanation 

That's killing the creed 

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