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Dave Van Ronk

Genres: Jazz

Mack The Knife Lyrics - Dave Van Ronk

Though the shark has, pretty teeth, dear 

And he shows 'em pearly whites 

Just a jackknife has Mac Heath, dear 

And he keeps it, well out of sight 


When the shark bites, with his teeth, dear 

Scarlet billows start to spread 

Fancy gloves, though, wears Mac Heath, dear 

So there's not a trace of red 


On the sidewalk, Sunday mornin' 

Lies a body oozin' life 

Someones sneakin' 'round the corner 

Is that someone Mack the Knife? 




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From a tugboat, by the river 

A cement bag droppin' down 

The cement, that's just for the weight, dear 

I'll bet you Macky's back in town 


Mr. Miller, disappeared, dear 

After drawin' out all of his cash 

Went tap city, and Mac Heath spends like a sailor 

Did our boy do, somethin' rash? 




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Polly Peacham, Miss Lucy Brown 

Oh, the line forms on the right, dear 

Now that Macky's back in town 


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