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Delbert Mcclinton

Genres: Jazz

Jones For You Lyrics - Delbert Mcclinton

Jones for You Tim Ouimette 

Delbert Clinton 

I gave up drinking, and I gave up Beale, 

Gave up everything, that gave me a thrill. 

Got no bad habits, but nothings new, 

I'm still Jones for you. 


I gave up smoking, and I won't shoot dope, 

There's no more talking but there's no more hope. 

Don't miss my mushrooms or sniffin' glue, 

I'm still Jones for you. 


I gave up meat, I just have salads, 

No swinging jazz, its only ballads. 

Nothing salty, and nothing sweet, 

I skip it all, from milk to wheat. 


I got a trainer, and a diet guy, 

Sprouts and protein shakes thats all I buy. 

I jog in the park all day, that's what I do' 

But I'm still Jones for you. 

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