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Genres: Jazz
Total songs: 10
Year: 2010

When Lights Are Low

  1. 1. The Bed I Made one year ago
  2. 2. The Telephone Song one year ago
  3. 3. When Lights Are Low one year ago
  4. 4. Why Did I Choose You? one year ago
  5. 5. I Wish I Were In Love Again one year ago
  6. 6. It S You Or No One one year ago
  7. 7. Kisses one year ago
  8. 8. Enchantment one year ago
  9. 9. Forward, Like So one year ago
  10. 10. Big Lie, Small World one year ago

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When Lights Are Low

Songs: 10

Year: 2010

Find A Heart

Songs: 11

Year: 2015