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Turmiol Lyrics - This Might Sting A Little - Disciple

They wrap me up for comfort 

When behind my back they stab 

Little old man creeping up again 

I'd like to smack him up side his head [Romans 6:6] 


I don't need you I don't care what you say takes me nowhere 


Pony wants to ride, supposed to ride him 

Eating from the cat bowl on the outside 

Looking in intoxicating fragrance 

Filling up my nose where it stops nobody knows 


I beat my chest I beat my chest [Luke 18:13] 


Words come out so easily 

But I can't even show it [Matthew 21:28-31] 

Is a sin really sin when I don't even know it? [Luke 12:48] 


Free set my heart free [Romans 8:2] 

Break, break the chain that's over me [Galatians 5:1] 


Why do I do the things I don't want to [Romans 7:15] 

Who will save me from this death [Romans 7:24] 

Thanks be to God it's Jesus [Romans 7:25] 

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