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In Another Place And Time Lyrics - Another Place And Time - Donna Summer

I can't lie 

I was attracted too 

somehow the feelings 

were so strong inside 

but I'm not free to be 

in love with you maybe 

things would be different 

in another place and time 




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And I can't give you 

all you want me to 

and I know you deserve 

the best from me 

but I can't give you more 

of all that you long for 

I would have loved you 

in another place and time 


Dreams aren't always bound to come true 

but that's no reason you should cry 


'Cos I would have loved you 

really loved you 

in another place and time 


I'm hurting deep inside 

just want you to know 

oh, I would have loved you 

oh yeah, in another place and time 


Fate can't always be led by you 

the time ain't right for you and I 


In another place and time 

in another place and time... 

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