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Let There Be Peace Lyrics - Mistaken Identity - Donna Summer

Someone let communication out the door 

someone decides it's worth fighting for 

why haven't we learned by what we've done before 

don't you know history's keeping score 

and just once more 

for every boy and every girl let there be love 

all over the world 

for everyone 

under the sun 



Let there be peace on earth 

let every voice be heard 


Le there be peace on earth 

brother to brother 

'til it's felt around the world 




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There's only one world in which we all mus live 

heaven shoe us how to forgive 

and on that marble wall which holds a million names 

generations of dreams gone down in flames 

isn't, isn't it a shame 


For every boy and every girl 

under the sun... 




Let there be peace on earth 

(why don't you try just a little harder) 

let every voice be heard 

(my brother) 

let there be peace on earth 

(oh, if we could just get it together) 

'til it's felt around the world... 


We're running out of time 

as our leaders roll the dice 

the human spirit cries 

its a precious, precious, precious... sacrifice. 


(Chorus x2) 


Save the babies, save the babies 

if we only get it together 

if we could only get it together 

I think we could make it 

think we could make it 

save the children... 

save the children... 

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