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Donna Summer

Genres: Pop

Love On & On Lyrics - Donna Summer

I believe that love is callin' 

drawin' me to you 

I can feel my heart is fallin' 

cause it's never felt this true 

in your eyes I can see forever 

like the stars above 

we got lifetime to share together 

one night is not enough 



I wanna love on and on and on with you 

I wanna make everytime just like brand new 

I wanna love on and on and on and on with you 

Yes, I Do! 




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There's a dream that we can follow 

to last the whole life through 

hand in hand we'll embrace tomorrow 

baby we can touch the moon 

every step that we take, will lead us 

like footprints in the sand 

to the shore of a blue oasis 

in a distant land. 


Chorus: (x2) 



I'm never gonna let you go 

I'm always gonna let you know 

that your the lifeline that turned my heart around 

we're livin' in the hands of faith 

so baby why should we wait 


Chorus: (x2) 





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