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Love's Unkind Lyrics - Live And More - Donna Summer

Well, I see him every morning 

In the schoolyard when the school bell rings 

And when he passes in the hallway 

Well, he doesn't seem to notice me 

He's got a crush on my best friend 

But she don't care 

'Cause she loves someone else 

I'm standing on the outside 

Not the inside where I wanna be 




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Love's unkind 

Love's unkind 

Love's unkind 

Love's unkind 


'Cause he's not mine 


Just the other day 

I was praying he would give me a chance 

Hoping he would choose me 

For his partner for the high school dance 

I was standing outside the class 

But it wasn't me 

But my best friend he asked 

I went running back inside 

Teary-eyed and left the two of them behind 




'Cause he's not mine 




Oh, I love him so 

But I can't even let him know 

'Cause he loves my best friend 

But she don't care 

She loves someone else 

And I asked my mama 

And she said: "Love's unkind 

Love's so unkind" 

She said: "Just keep it in mind 

'Cause you may find 

Love's unkind" 




Why has love to be so? 

Why do I have to love him so? 

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