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Endless Lyrics - Singles - Endless

By the landscape where you're hearing the shadows sing 

Where clouds are dancing the dance of anxiety 

You can meet us don't have to scare 


Everything is eternal 

We hung time and icy wind tore it's hair 

And we go on... 'till there will be the sense 

You can hear the black thoughts from thorns of roses 

There's not only gloom what is laughing in the darkness 

Go on and don't turn around... you don't have to scare 


And thousand crows are throwing themselves into the sea 

Waves of surf eat cliffs here 

You can see strange tracks in the sand... you don't have to scare 


We don't stop... there's dark deep forest in front of us 

All alive long time ago turned to stone by horror 

And still you're hearing the strange singing... 

You don't have to scare 

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