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Even Angels Lyrics - Singles - Fantasia Barrino

-Verse 1 

I'm driving in circles 

should have bought that new phone 

I can't find my way to 

all the places I call home 



(on my own) 

I'm at the station pumping gas 


I'm taking out the trash 


(all alone) 


And whose there 

Whose there 



Since you been gone 

I learned how to move on 

how to be myself 

I don;t need nobody's help 

I'm doing so good 

I forgot that I could 

Live like this 




First step 

take a deep breath 

you don't need a reason why 

you can 

you can 

take take time 

you can 

you can 

walk, run, dive 

Close call 

think you might fall 

but all you gotta do is try 

even angels 

even angels 

learn to fly 


-Verse 2 

coming home in this late night 

should have left the lights on 

i can't help but imagine all the things 

that could go wrong 



(on my own) 

I'm in the kitchen 

on the chair 

reaching for the top shelf 


(all alone) 

and I'm okay 

I'm alright 






Everyday I'm stronger 

it can't get better 

if it if it 

don't hurt 

why why 

(OOh why) 

see me in my next life 

heartbreak's a teacher 

and now 

I love ah love ah 

little bit deeper 

why oh why (oh why) 


-Chorus(Just fantasia) 







Chorus until end of song 

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