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Nothing Without You Lyrics - The Last Days Of Oakland - Fantastic Negrito



Some of us, we are the abusers, 

and some of us, we are the abused 

Now you and I, we know we've been 

both these things before 

I think it's time we called a truce 


I know it took some time for me to go 

walking through the doorway alone 

but I believe it was all a lie 




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I need you and you need me 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 

I am nothing without you (2) 


Now, some of us may need a reason 

and some of us, we can fake the truth 

and you and I, you and I are so pissed off 

at the way this world has treted us 

so tell me what you're gonna do 


First time I sit down that I know I'm a liear 

babe, I'm tryin 

I can feel the tiem is running 

(running out on me) 


Oooh, now I really know, 

I can't do it all alone 

I am nothing without you (2) 




I am nothing without you 

Yes, I try and I try 

but, oh 

I'm nothing without you. 

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