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Spider Baby Lyrics - Singles - Fantomas

Screams and moans and bats and bones 

Teenage monsters in haunted homes 

The ghosts on the stair 

The vampires bite 

Better beware, there's a full moon tonight 


Cannibal spiders creep and crawl 

Boys and ghouls having a ball 

Frankenstein, Dracula and even the Mummy 

Are sure to end up in someone's tummy 


Take a fresh rodent, some toadstools and weeds 

And an old owl and the young one she breeds 

Mix in seven legs of an eight-legged beast 

Then you are all set for a cannibal feast 


Sit around the fire with the cup of brew 

A fiend and a werewolf on each side of you 

This cannibal orgy is strange to behold 

And the maddest story ever told 


Copyright: Bug Music

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Artist: Avicii

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