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Boomshake Lyrics - Singles - Far East Movement

yo get up to this 


Boom, shake 

I make ya feel it 

boom, heyyy shake 

Shake right there 

Light it on fire 

hotter than heaven in the place to be 

California aint the west without the real far east 

my name is kevin representin' everything that's free 

shaking the planet single handed with the m-i-c 

so can you hear me, hear me, hear me 

hear me, hear me now 

If i whisper in your ear then can you hear me when I shout 

arrest me cuz I like to play my music really loud 

my people sick of hearing you and now it's time to turn you down 

my breath is revolutionary can you hear me when im scary 

quiet on the ... next to halle berry 

apparently you couldn't hear me if i was your earring 

put your hands up to the ceillng put your hands up if you breathin 




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