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Genres: Rock

Media Lyrics - Far

"They are bitter little people 

The are gonna scream a bit 

The image of a little troublemaker 

Animal lunatic 

Maybe we can stick'em with it 

Choke'em in solutions 

Lick a bloody puddle off of faces 

that were trouble for us 

Let another motherfucker give another reason why" 

Pretty tricky benetton, 

Turning trouble into profit 

"Dying people? Sick world? 

Stick it in a magazine" 

Hmmm...Out of compassion 

or in the name of fashion? 

If you really gave a shit 

You wouldn't go to so much fucking trouble 

Taking credit for it. 

Giving is an act of caring 

Not of telling people what to wear 

Is this death? 

We see our lives flashed before our eyes. 

I've seen this life and it's a lie. 

It's a trick it's a lie it's a fake 

it's a fraud applaud. 

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