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Aletheia (the Painter And The Picture) Lyrics - Singles - Farewell From The Gallows

Another frigid morning to awake 

Arising from my slumber to find a piece missing to a puzzle 

Government conspiracy religious fantasies 

Is there any fact in everything in which we believe 


Covered up for far to long was a canvas who's painting was not yet done 

It was a painting that was brought before my eyes 

I searched and it was the purest thing that I found 

In this frayed world of bent color 


Clues left in distinct places 

A finger print among this very ground that we walk on 

And there were so many who tried 

To cover up this knowledge that was right before us 

Before our very eyes 


God is the artist of the picture we call life 

So many shades, so many tints 

So many colors that we have yet to see. 


Look in the mirror and you will see His masterpiece. 

The painter is the picture that He creates 

How long will it take for you to see 

The interpreter is the picture that he destroys 


It has been confirmed 

The more you look the more that you discern 

And we all know for those who can't see 

It's our direction to reveal 


Take your place 

Stand your ground 

Or will your lies 

Still resound 


What are we living for 

When we've been thrown upon this earth 


Shattered we come, but we will prevail to find Alethia 


Could you bring some color to this world 

Could you bring some color to these eyes 

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