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First Degree

Genres: Hip-Hop

Easy Way Lyrics - First Degree

You acclaim the beauty of the morning 

Singing in the rain 

Say how you do 

You got the easy way, everyday 

You glide through your life 

You`re delight, your smile is like the ocean 

Briny wind is on your side 

Say how you do 

You never got a doubt, decry about 

No fears `bout your fate 


You don`t turn your head just sail away 

You never mind and make your day 


You`re afraid, nothing`s gonna stop you 

Nobody got`s to hate 

Say how you do 

You never getting hopeless or helpless 

No trash on your mind 

It`s a shame you never saw the hungry children 

You didn`t realize the pain 

Say how you do 

Your heaven gots no clouds no doubts 

You don`t think about 

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