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Foxy Brown

Genres: Hip-Hop

Release Some Tension Lyrics - Foxy Brown

[Foxy Brown] 

I'm the best and baddest chick that you've ever known 

Uhhh, straight dissin' my flows, like cats be lickin' my toes, ohh 

Betta backed up, only sex ones that are sacked up 

Top dat, when in the Benz 

Playa drop dat, ain't nothing free 

Hope you got dat, more Cristale now pop dat 

Can you rock dat, let me top dat 

Got the pro togue, where the rocks at? 

Ya'll sizin' me, all eyez on me 

Let you down easy like the Isleys, and these dope rappers keep trying me 

On GP 'cause I'm DP and none of ya'll broads can see me 



Mmmm, What's your name 'cause you got game 

I want to know, what it be like 

What the deal iz? where my man at 

Can you get with me 

Say you got the things that I need 

(I need) 

What's your name, 'cause you got game 

You want to know, who I roll with 

Who I be with, who I'm down with 

Do I like to do the nasty things that you do 



Release some(some of your tension) 

Pray for(pray for intermission) 

For you and me(you start to kissin') 

You'll see(what you've been missing) 




Mmm, Your so fine I want to make ya mine 

I want to know can I be with you 

Can you be with me, on the count of three 

Me and you 

We can get romantically 

Your so fine, I want to make ya mine 

I want to know, do you got a girl? 

Is she good to you, I bet she won't 

Do the things I'll do to you 




[Foxy Brown] 

HO! who be poppin' them bottles 

With them ballin' dat's honeyz 

Who be smokin' dat hdro and be trickin' dat money 

Trying to get uhhh me high, trying to open up 

Then throwing up my knees wide, foreplay 

From the first to the fourth day, sip Dom P's on my off days 

Chincilla mnks and Morays make always 

Cry for me, ain't too many broads who can do it like me 

Name a chick who can do it like me 

Get on top, can she move it like me? move it like me move it like me 



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