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George Ryan

Genres: Other

Hallways (freestyle) Lyrics - George Ryan

I came to shine, light me up 

No wasting time, let me light this up 

That girl she mine, not yours 

In the Lambo she pop the doors 

Addicted to Klein, Christian Dior 

They don't make em like they did before 

Girl too scared to admit the amore 

Adorned in the latest Fendi and Prada 

She wants a man who can chase a dollar 

But never works she at home with a daughter 

Cashing in, the hearts of men 

Getting married, then she'll start again 

Shit, now I'm sounding like Eminem 

That stress in my voice, I'm prepared to sin 

Take a woman make her turn to Kim 

Knocking at the door, baby let me in 

Got a, bottle of gin can we fuck again? 

I had a, inkling that you have a friend 

In the apartment, you were talking shit 

Laughing bout all the men, you were fucking with 

Was I on the list, am I different? 

Could I, be the one make your mind shift? 

See I, want you and that dime to kiss 

Open up, what time is it? 

Open up, what time is it? 

Time is it? my timings shit.. 


I came to shine, light me up 

Going deaf as I lead the blind 

That girl is mine, can you see the signs? 

My life like a film, it was all designed 

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