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Glenn Hughes

Genres: Rock

Flow Lyrics - Glenn Hughes

Crystalline sky in the morning' 

Help this child within 

Yellow rose of summer 

Creepin' right under my skin 

Hold my reservation 

For my company 

You got my confirmation 

A wide eyed Jubilee 


Oh you let it flow 

Oh you let it go 




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Take your mind out of the gutter 

Buildin' your time machine 

Here come the change of weather 

Like you've never seen 

I be no imitator 

I be no go-between 

And I'll be your caretaker 

And you know what I mean 




Just let it be 

In harmony 

Now finally 

With clarity 

Keep hangin' on 

The moon and sun 

I say hello 

You let it flow 


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