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Glenn Hughes

Genres: Rock

God Of Money Lyrics - Glenn Hughes

Welcome to the land of love blood milk and honey 

You wanna get saved and we won't have pity for you 

Sellin' yourself on the vine sure ain't funny 

I know what your crave and the things that you would do 


If it's all you're waiting for 

It's all behind the door 


You have to erase your fear 

It Come and it go 

And you will disappear 

Now you're down below 


Don't bow down on the ground to the God of money 

Do you want to put yourself on the mound of sure fire greed 

Don't bow down on the ground to the God of money 

You don't understand that you get, you get what you need 




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Welcome to the land of gold it lies on the table 

Ain't it a justified thing 

that it's looking at you 

Gonna Burn gasoline, 

Going to fly, fly if you're able 

Ain't it a magical thing 

Now what you gonna do? 




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