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Glenn Hughes

Genres: Rock

Steady Lyrics - Glenn Hughes

I feel the pull and the rush of the gravity 

Don't let me down, give me space, it don't worry me 

I take a look, I believe I'm doing fine 

Beside the fork in the road 


We're just the same 

I hope that you remember me 

I was cast out just like a dog in the street, yeah 

I'm heading' south 


I know that's where I gotta be 

I'm gonna find my liberty 

I wanna shout it 

The seed is sown 




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I'm tracking' a mile 

I'm ready to win 

I spin and I dial 

I'm steady again 


I'm breakin' a smile 

I'm ready to win 

I'll stay for a while 

I'm steady again 


The simple truth, it hits me with velocity 

Feet on the ground, full of grace, it don't bother me 

I bust a vein, see my horse right in front of me 

I gotta get past the pain 


Inside I wanna shout it 

The seed is sown 

I just don't think about it 

My fear has gone 




I just don't think about it 

My Fear has gone 

Inside I want to shout it 

The seed is Sown 


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