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Artist: Grace Armoed
Total songs: 2

The Man With The Easy Step Lyrics - Singles - Grace Armoed

I Heard That Tune Somwhere 

The Low And High Of Its Snare 

A Bird Is Calling My Name 

I Wonder From Where Its Wisdom Came 

It Tells Of Many A Tale 

The Kind That Puts You To Shame 

The Loerie And The Octave 

The Piper And The Tune 



James Armoed Was His Name 

James Bankies He Became 

Carried His Bench Everywhere He Sat 

James Armoed Was His Name 

James Bankies He Became 

He Was The Man With The Easy Step 


He Talked As Sharp As His Cap 

He Spoke As Black As His Hat 

Carried His Bench 

Everywhere He Sat 

This Man Would Never Defect 

From The Road He Was Meant To Tread 

Like Oxen Driven In Step 

Like A Train Racing On Track 

Sing Chorus 

They Said:'He Made You Laugh 

And Yet He Always Cried 

In The Beauty Of The Song 

The Melancholy Of The Horn 

Now Could You Give Him A Dime 

The Little Boy From Transkei 

Could You Meet Him On The Streets 

He'll Be Glad For Your Treats 


How Nature Does Stay True 

In The Light We See The Hue 

Oh Boy The Mpempe Blew 

Pennywhistler He Played The Tune 

His Folks So Young He Lost 

Wisdom He Never Refused 

This Man He Stood Alone 

His Heart To Many Unknown 

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