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The Chameleon Lyrics - November - Grace & Tony

Loaded up I drive away 

Another town, another place 

A town that's begging to call me its own 

A town that's been awaiting me to be who they need me to be 

Another job for The Chameleon 



My life has been shot 

Cursed from the start 

I've had my chance to shine so I 

Do what I can 

For my fellow man 

I'm The Chameleon 


When there's a problem to be solved 

A feel myself start to evolve 

Blend to fit the colors that surround me 

Put me to the test 

Show me a damsel in distress 

Or a collared man with sins upon his chest 


And at night the nightmares come to me 

Of a long forgotten scene 

Running from the man I used to be 

And it's driven me 

To become the words to their songs 

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