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  1. Imaranma
  2. Imaramma

Imaramma Lyrics - Singles - Gracia Michaels

Verse 1: 

Bright and morning star 

Lord,that's who You are 

Shepherd of my soul 

All through the ages, Your righteousness remains the same 

Your glory is like,the noon day light 

Your beauty when I, can't find words to describe 

I lift my heart in adoration and say 




Imara mma, imara mma, iMara mma 

Niru mo oh... 

Imara mma imara mma niru mo oh... 

Idi ebube, idi omimi, imara mma, 

Niru mo oh... 

Imara mma, imara mma niru mo oh... 


Verse 2: 

You are wrapped in majesty 

Sweet Jesus lamb of God 

You who took my sins away, redeemed my soul 

And made me whole 

You are fairer than the lily by the way 

I will worship You in the beauty of holiness 

You are more precious than gold to me 

So I'll lift my voice and say 

Oh ..oh ..oh ..oh.., Yeeeee... 



You are beautiful (Beautiful) 

Beautiful ( Beautiful) 


Oh so beautiful ( Beautiful) 

Oh oh oh... 


You are glorious ( Glorious) 

Glorious (Glorious) 


Oh so glorious (Glorious) 

Oh oh oh 


You are wonderful (Wonderful) 

Wonderful (Wonderful) 


Oh so wonderful (wonderful) 

Oh oh oh 


You are Powerful (Powerful) 

Powerful (Powerful) 


Oh so Powerful (Powerful) 

Oh oh oh 


Imara mma, imara mma niru mo oh... 

Imara mma, niru mo oh... 

Idi ebube, idi omimi, Niru mo oh... 

Beautiful King 

Bright and morning star You are 

Lily of the Valley 

I bow my heart in worship and adoration 

I worship YOU... 

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