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Genres: Hip-Hop

Zip Em Up Lyrics - Grafh

[Verse 1: Grafh] 


Yeah (boom boom boom) 

Yeah (I wanna set..) 

Yeah (boom boom boom), Yeah 

Huh, I'm live screaming from the underground 

Get up under your skin 'til I push the blood around 

I'm at your baby momma crib pushin your son around 

If the world was mine I'd be pushin the sun around 

Gold dust in this chain, let it twinkle 

It look bright in the light when I let it sprinkle 

This is not rap money, thats why its crooked and wrinkled 

Cause I was pushin my work instead of pushin my single 

This is raw, so holla at me if you need it cheaper 

I speak crack, holla at me if you need a feature 

This that sizzurp, nigga who need a leader 

My car foreign, my engine need a visa 

The nickel millimeter trigger need a fever (hot..) 

The refer that I deliver need a speaker 

Loud, hot copper, top shotta 

I punch niggas in their snort locker (wadup?!..) 




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[Hook: Grafh] 

We in this thang 

We in it good 

We out shit out 

We in the hood 

Them boys hunt 

They in the woods 

That red dot on your head, that ain't good, zip em up 

Put em on their ass now, zip em up 

Feel em with Tabasco, zip em up 

Bring another toe tag, zip em up 

Bring another body bag, zip em up 

Body Bag em, I zip em up (x4) 




[Verse 2: Styles P] 

Grafh Wadup 

I'll zip em up.. Ghost 

Body bag, DOA ADHD nigga letting the heater spray 

Coo coo, no clock 

The four pound then the Glock'll make the show stop 

Put a bullet in your bitch like Botox 

Before you get robbed, get gun butted and throat chopped 

Wolves here 

Alpha male rep for the G niggas inside and out of jail 

[?] on ..and .. [?] on 

King Pin jeans when niggas had their Levis on 

Body bag, toe tag 

Mirk em and forget about em, end of the smoke bag 

I'll rip em up, knock em out, pick em up 

I'll stick em up, clip em up, hit em up 

Body bag, niggas better zip em up 

Ghost put em down, bet you can't pick em up 


[Hook: Grafh] 


[Verse 3: Loaded Lux] 

Vital lines that'll pleasant doctors 

The shots I throw hot as Russian vodkas 

Its hard to withhold they came cold and stuffed in lockers 

My art gothics in the age of forgotten logic 

Getting these pockets high as white chicks scary flick octaves 

I'm fine vintage, the life is just dying with us 

Mind wicked, a few thoughts will kill a nigga wit nine endings 

My kind ended off with the loss of John Lennon 

When human minds didn't recognize the reflection was God's image 

Life vengeance for vengeance, get your hinges kicked in shin 

Then go up top to the chin 

Thats how we get it in, when your doors rushed 

Another screw ball's clutched in my vice grip 

And the wrong turn to get your life stripped 

Sit tight, listen to dawg on it with God on it 

This knife split whatever fall on it, I'm for-warning 

This how killers hunt, my style's draft out, you witness Lux 

Might call K-Shine to zip you up! 


[Hook: Grafh] 

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