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Green Cross

Genres: Other

Make Dem Know Lyrics - Green Cross

Refrain : 

Make them know make them understand this 

Tell them that from a longtime we smoke up the weed 

To grow is not a crime them haffi stop cut ganga trees 

Cah the herb never kill nobodies 


1er couplet : 

Me tell them straight my weed is so great 

Burn up the highest grade when a spliff me blaze man a burn up the haze 

Me fly so high just look upon my redeyes 

Me no tell no lies them haffi legalize without compromise 

Babylon you're fool longtime you should have free it 

It is my fight so let me tell you how me planned it 

Weed must be legal me say all over the planet 

Farmers them fe grow it let the ganga flow the market 

So tell me why those politricks a fight it 

Them don't know what them talk bou't but they criticize it 

Got the nicest flavor every one must blaze it 

Now just open your mind and let legalize it 


2√®me couplet : 

Back inna me yard i close the door and just lock it 

Sit pon the sofa take a fresh bear and pop it 

Take the motta the grabber mix it get a rizzla and roll it 

Request to the herbalist the real ganga addict 

When you feel a little tired try the one thai stick 

Trust me no man it bring you physical effect 

God bless the herb uno better trust me pon this 

Me no matter bou't them laws everyday me smoke spliff 

Inna pipe or chalice in every way me love this 

With my brigante crew from a long time we pratice 

From the north to the south from the west to the east 

Listen Green Cross with some new ganga lirycks yo 

Let me bring you to the higher level 

See me ganga head them just look regal 

Make me fly high in the sky like a royal eagle 

Bombowhole tell me why smoke a spliff is illegal 

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