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Green Cross

Genres: Other

Sound Addict Lyrics - Green Cross

Ref : 

Sound Addict walking down my hometown street 

Bock on the record shop so me fe listen reggae hit 

Sound addict operator boss up classic 

Like the one lone Ranger you call it automatic/Supercat Nico-D the whole of them deh pon the list 


1er couplet : 

From the good old days we all remenber 

When early B the doctor found the bear back rider 

Zunguzeng Yellowman the original gyal lover 

Fe me uncle tonto or the one Metro Peter 

The Queen majesty deejay by ranking Trevor 

Not to forget U roy fe every deejays god father 

Michigan and Smiley nice up your dance and corner 

One to sister nancy big up the ruffneck muma 

Dennis Brown who was my favourite singer 

Spar with gregory Isaac them call the cool ruler 

Uno member mister Smart the Don inna the area 

Blind Man Francky Paul the dancehall ambassador 

Greatings beres Hammond you're voice is sweet like sugar 

Half pint two to One nice up jamaica 

Sluggy Ranks a ramdown in new york city center 

Me say the whole of them are Rubadub master 


2√®me couplet : 

Back inna the eighties dancehall get hotta 

With the Slengteng riddim digital came over 

The late great wayne Smith John Wayne and Minott Sugar 

The three of them are gone but still a forward down ya 

Boy who no rate fe get kuff by Shelly thunder 

Me no forget Papa San Stichie neider Tiger 

Don gorgon ninjaman and the one call Shabba 

Teach affi Bounty Killer the poor people governor 

What a big tune Capleton ball out Granny lover 

You feel the vibes alongside Kalonji Sizzla 

Say me big up Beenie Man who run the Benz and Bima 

Say them fe free up Buju Banton and mister Palmer 

Down a Tours city me grow Green cross me name sir 

Me tell you telly Brigante is my sparing partner 

We ram up every cribs and corner 

Tell them we ram up every cribs and corner 

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