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Green Cross

Genres: Other

Watch The Ride Lyrics - Green Cross

REF : 

Watch the ride brigante back pon the track 

Watch the ride brigante back pon the track 

Sit down pon top of the riddim and now we're coming real hot 

Sit down pon top of the riddim aim the top of the tchart 


1er couplet : 

Entertainment that haffi me territory 

So when me grab a mic ain't nobody can't stop me 

Trust me if you don't go ask Paulette or Sophie 

The two of them know fe boss a track i'm ever ready 

Forward uptown me say down inna the golly 

Spar with pretty gyal you know me must girly girly 

All kind of ladies there at brigante party 

Even the uggly one we make dem shake up them belly 

A true me love reggae from me is a little pickney 

Musically educated trust me ain't no fuckerie 

Green cross again me come fe ram the festilities 

Every one inna the dance uno fe run come follow me 


2 √®me couplet : 

Boss the style right lyricks play the music all time 

Me got full up of whoolip a full up of whoolip a full up of whoolip a style 

Tune after tune no care about the dead line 

One ya coming so sweet like me french red wine 

Green cross pon the version with a newly design 

The brigante we set the trend you better keep it in your mind 

From you love it just show me a sign 

Show me a sign cause me no blind 

Nah waist no time no let me go 

The wickeedest style a me boss it now 

Nah even try me no tell no lie but no one ago stop me now 

More sound we wan't nah play it low 

Gwaan tell them we're not poppy-show 

Green cross again me come fe nice up the stereo 

Mind your ears make sure that one is getting you 

Tell it to the possee big sound is in your area 

One ya hotter than the lava lirycks fe lirycks until it flow like a river and we tell them say 

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