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Guy Clark

Genres: Country

Fraternity Blues Lyrics - Guy Clark

I decided to improve my social station 

I joined a fraternity organisation 

Tucked in my shirt 

Signed on the line 

Right away they said about to improve my mind 

The car I drove 

The books I read 

The food I ate 

The booze I drank 

The girls I took out 

My breath 


Said "Kid, we don't much like the way you walk 

And you gonna have to change the way you talk" 

They said "your dress is kind of sludge 

And your attitude is mighty grudge" 

Said "you got to learn to bubble" 

"You got to bubble with enthusiasm" I started bubble 

"Most important thing you can't forget 

Is learning the entire Greek alphabet" 

I never did really understand 

That that's gonna make me anymore a man 

But I learned it 

I can whip through that Son-of-a-beta backwards in five seconds 

Then they hit me with some pretty bad news 

Concerning the payment of monthly dues 

I never did know where that money went 

I never was sure it was well spent 

But I paid it 

I'm no trouble causer and besides I figured that's life 

If you want good friends it gonna cost you 


Well, finally got to be party time 

I got a great big old jug of wine 

I went back to the house in about an hour 

When the boy's were drinking whiskey sours 

Brandy Alexanders 

Frozen daquires 

Reciting the Greek alphabet to one another 


I could see I was gonna have to do my very best 

To get myself out of that fraternity mess 

I stood right there outside the door 

And I chugged that wine like never before 

Walked inside and bubbled 

All over a couple of their dates 


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