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Hank Williams

Genres: Country

I Saw The Light Lyrics - Hank Williams

I wandered so aimless life filed with sin 

I wouldn't let my dear savior in 

Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night 

Praise the lord I saw the light. 


I saw the light I saw the light 

No more darkness no more night 

Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight 

Praise the lord I saw the light. 


Just like a blind man I wandered along 

Worries and fears I claimed for my own 

Then like the blind man that god gave back his sight 

Praise the lord I saw the light. 




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I was a fool to wander and astray 

Straight is the gate and narrow the way 

Now I have traded the wrong for the right 

Praise the lord I saw the light. 




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