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Artist: Hot Water
Total songs: 1

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  1. Wamkelekile (welcome)

Wamkelekile (welcome) Lyrics - Singles - Hot Water

deep down out on the offshore 

questions are we live for 

sign is like a tombstone blues 

colors like a rainbow 

for back in a dark room 

questioning comes burning through 


wamkele wamkile wamkelekile 

wamkele wamkile for sure time is like an ocean 

sing your love broken 

we are a wooden piece on a board 

soaring like a rainstorm 

voices poised from heavens 

this is your final welcome home 




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wamkele wamkile wamkelekile 

wamkele wamkile for sure (Xhosa speech) 




freedom is like a notion 

tied to a tiny option 

I'm accepted on a ship with no home 

I left with one question 

burning my direction 

if I had a choice which way would I go 


wamkele wamkile wamkelekile 

wamkele wamkile for sure 

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