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Infamous Stringdusters

Genres: Folk

Soul Searching Lyrics - Infamous Stringdusters

I'm just a man making my way 

Sometimes a sinner, sometimes a saint 

I carry on, do the best I can 

But still I struggle with who I am 


Soul searching 


Once was a girl that held me tight 

And I took her love like a thief in the night 

After all this time, I'd never dream 

That I'd be holding on to her memory 


Soul searching 

Soul searching 


Who am to judge, who am I to preach 

If sometimes I wonder what I believe 

I've traveled this life, looking for signs 

I've picked me apart one piece at a time 


Soul searching 

Soul searching 


Which bridge should I cross, which one should I burn 

After all the mistakes, after all the wrong turns 

I'm learning to let go, learning how to heal 

But I'm still searching, guess I always will 


Soul searching 

Soul searching 

Soul searching 

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