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2 Am Lyrics - The X Factor - Iron Maiden

I get in from work at 2a.m. 

And sit down with a beer 

Turn on the late night t.v. 

And then wonder why I'm here 

It's meaningless and trivial 

And it washes over me 

And once again I wonder 

Is this all there is for me 


Here I am again 

Look at me again 

Here I am again 

On my own 

Trying hard to see 

What there is for me 

Here I am again 

On my own 


Life seems so pathetic 

I wish I could live it all behind 

This canvas chair, this bed, 

These walls that fall in on my mind 

Hold on for something better 

That just drags you trough the dirt 

Do you just let go or carry on 

And try to take the hurt 

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