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Genres: Hip-Hop

Die For You Lyrics - Ironik

payback now, i die for you 

and i still would 




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Is it love if there's no passion ? 

and cannot work if we're not happy 

would you be here if i weren't rappin? 

Is your life planned out or you waiting for something that's never gonna happen (be honest) 

im learnin if there's no lesson 

is everything in life a dumb lesson ?(is it?) 

are you honest when you say you miss me? 

are your eyes closed when you kiss me? 

is it the true if you too crumb a tipsy (be honest) 

are you stressed, when you get home from work 

or is that really how you feel? 

are you unhappy? 

when you tell me that you love me 

do you look in my eyes 

cause i really cant tell exectly (be honest down) 

and i only wanna know i love 

lets be honest with each other 

but this christians are a most (be honest) 

but is all comes down to one thing 

(and as trust) 


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and all you faces will 

she standing at my door 

i through a heart right out(i to heart right out) 

and broken one too many time 

she told me one too many lies 

he gave it one so many tries 

what are you waiting for to life 

i just worried girl i die for you (i die for you) 

(girl) i just worried girl i die for you (i die for you) 

girl i just woried of 

what a night what i want it im worry so sorry 

i just worried (worried worried worried worried) 



payback now, i die for you (keep it real) 

and i still would 

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