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Down On Me Lyrics - Jackyl - Jackyl

All the things I see in you 

All the things I know that are true 

And when the light in the morning 

Comes shining through 


I see, I see 



I see the sun shining 

Down on me 

I feel the heat of love's flame 

Down on me 

I love the thought of you comin' 

Down on me 

And I'm so wet from love raining 

Down on me 




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Down on me, down on me 


All the things you mean to me 

All the things I want us to be 

And when the man in the moon 

Looks straight at you 


I see, oh I see 






And you're a new kinda way 

That's getting stranger every day 

Get on the good foo and keep it on top 

One thing for certain, it ain't ever gonna stop 



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