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Genres: Folk

Phoenix Lyrics - Jandek

Said goodbye, San Francisco 

Got to go, Arizona 

Said why'd you leave me, Denver 

I don't even have a chance 

Guess Ohio's got my number 

Rhode Island's got my name 

Snap, the wood makes you dance 

The music's in its chamber 

The door is locked and sealed 

The weight is on your shoulders 

The past is at your heel 

Guess the plight is in your fancy 

When you rip out though the door 

The rest is how you feel 

We're not gonna take it out to the farm, lest you leave 

The rest is how you make it 

Gentle as the sun come up in the mornin' 

As the moon goes out this evenin' 

Open the shade 

The night time's gone away 

You'll have my love if you say 

I dreamed a fellow took your arm 

Led you to his ??? 

I woke up shattered in the night 

Frozen feelings up on their way 

A shaking hand in me today 

I left the San Francisco Bay 

I dreamed a dream that wasn't right 


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