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Janey Quinn

Genres: Pop

Game Of Sins Lyrics - Janey Quinn

Call me up before the game begins 

Feel the rush because we're going to die 

Spell my name with all your secret sins 

'Cause we both know how it ends 

Spill the coffee on a white blank sheet 

All your little secrets starting to leak 

Falling apples lying at your feet 

Will you pick them up and eat? 


Because you never love a good thing when it's made 

Because you only love a good thing when it breaks 

So tell me if you mean it 

Or it's just another angry word 

So tell me if you want it 

Kneeling down until my weakness shows 

I tell you what you wanna hear 

I can't feel no fear 

After all those years, I don't need your love 

So you just have to keep your hopes 

Burn down all the ropes 

It's all I wanna do, wanna do at all 


Paint your skin the colour of your heart 

Eyes shining like the stars in the dark 

Your standing still is like a work of art 

Game is over, flip the cards 



I don't want to see you lose 

Cause I still love a part in you 

But when the morning came you probably don't remember what you're listening