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Jon Cozart

Genres: Other

Star Wars In 99 Seconds Lyrics - Jon Cozart

Long, long time ago, long time ago in a galaxy 

Far in a galaxy, far far away 


There once was a boy slave destined to save space 

He wins a big pod race and hits on a queen 

Padme's a cougar 

Qui gets killed by Darth Maul who is then chopped in half 

Obi Wan must train the one from Tatooine 


It's the clone age, sand people rampage 

Mommy got flayed, strayed 

Ani's bae is Padme 


Anakin you are breaking my heart 

Order is made, Jedi are slain 

Kill all the baby tiny younglings 

Sid takes the throne, Long live the clones 

Burn Ani, turn him to a robo 




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Leia hides plans, Vader chokes a man 

Alderaan's gone and Han shoots first 

You're my only hopie Obi Wan 

Look, a small moon 

That's a space ship 

Worshipfullness, walking carpet 

This princess better pay out 

Use the force, Luke 

Close your eyes and shoot 


Lando betrays Han and friends in the sky 

Skywalker flies, do or don't, there's no try 

Try the dark side 

No! No, no! No! 

Luke, I'm your daddykins 

Your mom was kissing Anakin 

Han's frozen 

I love you 

I know 




It's father, son and daughter 

A dynasty united at last 

The galaxy is free from evil 

Thanks to the goodness in Darth from the past 

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